Spaceman Spiff

It is what it is. And that's all it needs to be.
"See? Just sort of let your imagination go. Mountains grow in every kind of shape, just whatever, whatever happens that day, let it happen."
Bob Ross, 1990 (via larrymarotta)

Ross vs. Ross

be like a tree
"Put light against light — you have nothing. Put dark against dark — you have nothing. It’s the contrast of light and dark that each give the other one meaning."
Bob Ross (via quotestuff)

(via Bob Ross Mug by LennyMud on Etsy)

A statistical analysis of Bob Ross paintings. (via FiveThirtyEight)
"And after some time, all these little accidents turn into beautiful things."
Bob Ross (via gemeinsamunsterblich)

Bob Ross = Gangster
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